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Dev Talks Bucharest 2019

6th & 7th of June, 2019

Dev Talks is the biggest gathering for developers and IT companies in Romania.

The speakers lineup for 2019 edition allowed participants to engage and receive insights on topics as digital innovation, Java, web technologies, security, QA and more. In the exhibit area, professionals, students and tech lovers had the chance to connect and learn more about new technologies and innovation in the IT world.

RINF TECH @ Dev Talks​

We had the amazing chance of participating to Dev Talks as stage partner.

Some of our technical leaders and managers met the audience and talked about RINF TECH and our idea of innovation.

RINF TECH’s speakers’ talks revolved around three main topics:


Thank you all for sharing the knowledge! Until next time!

Internet of things and smart technologies are now part of our everyday life. What are we talking about when we talk about smart objects? Is it about high automation or connectivity?


Enhanced Reality – A Practical Perspective

Navigating through a sea of buzzwords reveals that practicality is the essence of all lasting innovations. It requires a great deal of courage to defeat your FOMO and place your bet on a precise path while others are revealed to you constantly.


MATT – from sketch to a fully functional testing robot

The story of how we turned an idea into an innovative testing tool that interacts with touchscreens and physical buttons.MATT, our creature, is a won challenge, but the road was tricky and full of dangers.

Also, we were present in the exhibit area with our beautiful stand, our robot, and RINF TECH’s Talent Acquisition superstars!

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