Embedded Systems

We equip clients with the right tools to develop smart solutions.

Our strong expertise in embedded systems programming, at the crossroads between hardware and software, allows us to build user friendly interfaces backed by reliable software, providing excellent user experience combined with today’s needed connectivity.

We develop embedded applications, firmware, drivers, interfaces and custom solutions for a wide array of devices across industries.


Featured Tool stack and prebuilt assets in:

  • AI – Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition
  • IoT – Sensors, Actuators, M2M, Healthcare, NBIoT, LoRaWan, SigFox
  • Virtualization – Docker, Kubernetes, FaaS, MicroServices, AWS, GCP, Azure


We design embedded software which will enable your hardware to integrate with other devices and systems, preparing it to enter the market. We help you build new tools and products, from optimized chipsets to SoCs, from smart toys to wellness gear, from smart cameras to AR avatars.


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