Quality Engineering

Surprise customers with better quality than they expect

Did we mention Quality First is one of our guiding principles?

Since only high-quality products have any chances of succeeding in today's market, at rinf.tech we enable companies improve the reliability and dynamics of their testing.

Either delivering as an extension of their team, or entirely as an independent team, we employ a broad set of testing services covering functional and non-functional aspects.

Security and proficiency in technologies and methodologies are more crucial than ever. As a consequence, testing has to be done more and more robustly, to keep up the pace with the next generation challenges, focusing on reducing our clients’ business risks.

Testing Robots

Our “QA physical robots” built inhouse interact with touchscreens, keyboards and interface with engineers or operators to achieve continuous testing round the clock. This approach aligns with the build schedules to utilize the onshore and remote teams to their maximum potential. Further to this we master:

  • load and performance testing
  • test automation practices
  • mobile testing and any physical input devices – from rugged to slick,
  • functional testing
  • accessibility validations.


At rinf.tech the mix of skilled people, with consulting abilities and tools development backgrounds, will assess your processes, ensure your code quality and keep the standards all your essential stakeholders expect. We share our clients’ business goals – to accelerate the deployment and shorten the execution cycle while maintaining highest quality standards.

Accessible best practices

The transformative and scalable collaboration models we can adopt are customized according to our partners’ needs, available resources, and projects specifications, to ensure flexibility and optimization of human and technological resources, intellectual property. We always keep in mind the next challenge, so scalability is ensured.


We help our clients reduce the time to market and the associated costs through our established Quality Engineering practice. We aim at moving testing from a standalone step to a continuous process, throughout the development cycle.


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