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We’ve built a fully customizable application that can be used on a trained neural network to detect objects within a designated area by displaying a green bounding box over them and then register them in a logging system.

It can detect bicyclists, people and vehicles moving through a camera frame in order to identify and track activity.

By integrating Computer Vision technology, the application provides rapid and accurate assessment of imagery to support daily operations in way that boosts efficiency through the release of resources and its effectiveness by providing critical video surveillance information in near real time, all in a cost effective manner.

Our solution has the following key features:

  • Video Surveillance System – Image Processing


Processing images through the use of algorithms and mathematical techniques in order to deduce information about the image’s basic geometric components (edges, features, segments etc.) Some of these are Edge detection, Segmentation, classification, etc.

  • 3D scene mapping, object recognition and object tracking

High-level algorithms such as 3D scene mapping, object recognition and object tracking are used together with the image data obtained in the first stage and processed later.


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