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for DACH companies regardless of size and industry is a technology solutions organization that draws on the Engineering Excellence Principle, Knowledge-Based Capabilities and Robust R&D to future-proof emerging tech.

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15+ Years of Experience

We've helped many German-speaking clients complete successfully their digital transformation initiatives and R&D projects, improve software delivery to end-users, and find a strong market differentiator through custom solutions.

450+ Software Developers

Our internal talent pool consists primarily of senior and mid-level engineers with tribal knowledge and extensive experience with mainstream and emerging tech including IoT, AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Cloud, etc.

5 Delivery Centers and R&D

We build and deliver cutting-edge and quality technology solutions from Bucharest, Timisoara (Romania), Kyiv (Ukraine), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Monterrey (Mexico) as well as robust R&D Center for Embedded/IoT.

Our Services

Are you looking to build a bespoke software solution from scratch to address your unique business needs and challenges? At, we provide a full cycle of end-to-end software engineering services and guide our customers throughout their project, from ideation all the way to testing, market release, scale-up, and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to increase your in-house team’s bandwidth, boost its productivity or reduce time to market and save costs – we help our clients build highly efficient Managed Software Teams, Dedicated Teams, Coordinated Teams, and Squads in Eastern Europe.

From product development strategy to choice of methodology, PM tools, architecture, and tech stack – we provide comprehensive consulting to help our clients develop an achievable roadmap, plan their project milestone delivery, troubleshoot issues, ramp up their Teams, and bring them up to speed – all to help them improve top-line growth and bottom-line savings.

Are you looking to validate your new product idea by building a clickable prototype, digital twin or MVP? Our R&D is an excellent choice for companies that need to experiment with AI, ML and deep learning, AR and IoT, deliver a pilot project, pivot a product, complete complex external integrations, etc.

We have two proprietary enterprise robots: MATT – an ultimate touchscreen testing solution, and ERIS – a retail automation solution. In addition, we provide custom product robotization services.

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